Art of the Deal

Greatest Time to Get Great Underwriting

Most people in our industry know that the end of the year, companies are more apt to make offers that they wouldn’t offer any other time.


This Includes people who have had: but not limited to the following
Cancer                     Asthma                       Mental Impairments
Diabetes                  Hepatitis                      COPD
Stents                     Emphysema                 Heart issues

Here is a crazy example of underwriting.  A prominent broker gave me a couple that he wanted SUL or SWL for and the man was 79, closer to 80, and the woman was 69.  We looked at the prelim and had the belief that there was no way any company would take him other than uninsurable.  We recently underwrote a person whose APS came in with 30 ailments and on 15 prescriptions.  It was my first case from this producer and I thought for sure after I saw the case that it was leading with my worst foot forward and I expected that they would not produce through our agency again.  HOWEVER, much to our surprise they indeed made an offer.


Another one we got recently had a 65-year young lady.  She has had multiple impairments including a growth (questionable cancer) on her kidneys that was cut out and radiated.  She has RA being treated successfully. The doctor who was retired called it Cancer.  However, the client was told by the Dr. that she didn’t have cancer was not required to come back as it had been over 5 years since operation.  The new Dr. indicated that he disagreed with that diagnosis before despite his office chart didn’t reflect that prognosis.    Even though the doctor had in his notes from the retired Dr. he never corrected his notes.  We called, faxed, emailed the Dr. and got him to write a new note.  She went from a total decline to table 3 and through a table shave program was standard.