Financial Underwriting

Financial Underwriting:

When one is writing those larger cases and even some smaller ones the advisor agent can’t assume just because the client wants it that the insurance company will accept the client for what they apply for.  Just like a mortgage the company wants to know if the client can afford it and if it is warranted for so much life insurance death benefit.  The companies do not want to see a beneficiary have a much larger financial gain substantially higher than the worth or potential worth of the insured.  Yet we all know that many people are using the products for accumulation and distribution and often the face amounts to accept such premiums are sometimes hard for the companies to accept.  One of our preferred provider companies just came out with more realistic guidelines so that one gets their cases issued as they proposed.  Please look at the link to see Lincoln’s announcement


We have been having success in some niche marketing with some of the advisors and producers.  We have some new programs such as Have you checked your term today? SBA Superclose? Does Your Business Have a Will, Cigar Pipe Smoker Insurance, Cannabis users, etc.  These campaigns make a focused marketing to the clientele that many of us might desire.