Greatest Time To Find the Money and Opportunities from 1040’s

Taxes, Opportunity Find the Money

It’s that unique time of t12567971-tax-forms-1040-1120-1065-u-s-income-tax-return-stock-photo-formhe year that happens every year, Tax time.  Many people in our industry will either have access or could get access to see our clients or prospects tax return.  We have experienced that if you know where the money is, or how it can be created by tax filing tax rebates, we could use it to better our client’s well-being.  It makes the affordability question and answers much easier for the client to say yes to our ideas.
One of our favorite vendors has a whole suite just for people who look at clients and prospects tax returns.  It is one of the most comprehensive piece around and if one studies this they will find new opportunities.  I am enclosing the brochure from Lincoln Financial about the 1040 overlay and resources one can have for taxes.  There are client pieces as well.

We are attaching the representative guide as well as a tax charts for 2016.  The tax  charts are great because it gives many things related to taxes including marginal taxes, tax brackets, and also qualified plan limits, etc.