Accepting Applications now. One of these programs is going away and others are being watered down by year end!

The following are based on permanent products.  That’s right Two great companies just announced something unprecedented. Table Upgrade. One of these companies has the rate class of Standard, Preferred or Preferred Plus.  So a Standard gets upgraded to Preferred, and a Preferred is to Preferred Plus. We actually paid for a person who had diabetes over  the age of  70 and had survived prostate cancer for 10 years rated PREFERRED.  Not sure if we can be as successful on the next case but we are ready to try. Think of those cases you may not have placed or reluctantly placed but your client thinks they should have been issued in a better class.

We have 2 companies. They will table shave as high as TABLE 3down to a STANDARD!  These are on permanent products only. 

We do have companies that table shave onterm. One of those companies, start

 with a much lower rate when rated up even if they do not table shave for term. This means 90% of the cases we saw with this company was at a lesser cost and for the same ratings.  

We have seen diabetics, asthmatics, overweight, and even people with mild MS or Parkinson’s get standard from these programs.  

We have also seen advisors and/producers look at their longer term period cases such as 20 or 30 and getting permanent insurance less than term insurance because of ratings. 

Yes, we do have a company that has a smoker cessation program. It gives the eligibility for a client to change to a non-smoker in 3 years. Cannabis, Cigar smokers, Dippers, Nicorette chewers, can all get standard and maybe even preferred. Call us with your cases and we can discuss.

Some of these programs finish by the end of the year.  One company, after the end of year will only table shave on accumulation products as opposed to protection policies.  This is a limited time offer, so you have to act now… 

Don’t walk away from those health challenged clients!  In fact, dig out those old files in your bottom drawer including
yesterday’s declines and substandard!