Medicare B and Medicare D premiums

How Much Will Your Medicare Part B Premium Be?

The tables below show Part B premiums for 2022 by filing status and income level. The IRMAA is based on your reported adjusted gross income from two years ago. For 2022, your Part B premium may be as low as $170.10 or as high as $578.30. Data as of 2022.

Filing Individual Tax ReturnsFiling Joint Tax ReturnsTotal Monthly Part B Premium
$91,000 or less$182,000 or less$170.10
$91,001 to $114,000$182,001 to $228,000$238.10
$114,001 to $142,000$228,001 to $284,000$340.20
$142,001 to $170,000$284,001 to $340,000$442.30
$170,000 to $500,000$340,001 to $750,000$544.30
$500,001 or more$750,001 or more$578.30

How much extra could you pay for Medicare Part D?

With Part D, the extra amount you pay is determined by Medicare based on your tax-reported income, but your total costs will depend on the Part D plan you have. Part D plans are only provided by private insurance companies, so premium amounts will vary. Data as of 2022.

File Individual Tax ReturnFile Joint Tax ReturnYour Part D Monthly Premium
$91,000 or less$182,000 or lessYour plan’s premium
$91,001 to $114,000$182,001 to $228,000$12.40 + your plan premium
$114,001 to $142,000$228,001 to $284,000$32.10 + your plan premium
$142,001 to $170,000$284,001 to $340,000$51.70 + your plan premium
$170,000 to $500,000$340,001 to $750,000$71.30 + your plan premium
$500,001 or more$750,001 or more$77.90 + your plan premium

Strategies like Protected IRA Plus Program and Insured Asset Conversion Trust can potentially reduce Medicare part B and D premiums.