Pot Smokers can get Preferred Non Smoker Rates


That’s righmarijuana-picturet the headline speaks for itself.   Many states have either legalized pot for medicinal purposes and some states have allowed using it for recreational use as well.   In the past it was a no-no for anyone even applying for insurance to ever admit that they smoke weed and of course these people were paranoid that they would be caught or associated with this practice.

As an advisor and an insurance broker we have been put into the difficult position of telling our client(s) that the companies discriminate against smoking pot and that if issued would probably get smoker rates.  Now we can actually find companies that do not discriminate and accept that marijuana smokers whether medicinal or for recreation that they can get non smoker and even preferred rates.  In the past many people have asked how long does it take to get out of their system if they were to get fluids withdrawn from them for the purpose of underwriting.  Those of us in the know had the facts that it almost takes a month of abstinence to not show up in the specimens. Some companies don’t even check for usage anymore.  However, there are now companies that don’t turn a blind eye to the facts but rather accept that a part of the public will smoke pot especially if its legal.

We are not talking about fly by night companies or lower rated ones but rather some of the largest and most competitive companies issue policies on these people and the client does not have to lie or deceive the company that they don’t smoke.  We have always advocated telling the insurance companies the truth so they can’t contest any claims that might occur.

My firm not only knows about which companies participate in such a liberal practice we also know which companies will be the most competitive.  We also know if people smoke other products like cigars, electronic cigarette users or chew tobacco which companies once again will issue non smoker and sometimes preferred even for a client who has a positive specimen for nicotine.  My firm created a website that highlights this www.cigarpipesmokerinsurance.com .  If any potential client, or broker was to inquire I would be happy to help them procure the best priced insurance they could find.

We even have a company that gives non smoker rates for the first three years to cigarette smokers in their smokers cessation plans.  I urge all readers who either know a smoker of any kind to feel free and call or email us and we would be happy to help them procure the best price for their insurance.