“I need service oriented brokerages like Himmelstein Financial. Phone calls are answered by professionals, not clericals. Normal business is done without nonsense phone pad aggravations. They don’t have a business prevention department, so most problems become a simple plan of action and get resolved. I always have business in their house. I use the on line quoting system because I work 24/7 (with naps). After 35 years selling insurance, my recommendations don’t get better than that!”
~ John Konheim CLU, ChFC, Affordable Life Direct


“Paul is one of the most advanced estate planners and has developed a very unique way of dealing with people in all walks of life. He is a natural leader and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever worked with. Paul has the ability to get people to the next level and provides all the support they need.”


“Products, solutions, and options that are timely and in line with client needs… that’s what I’m talking about!”
~ Beverly Cox, The Insurance Lady


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